We emphasize patent protection as a fundamental part of the package of services provided by Wells St. John. Every one of our attorneys is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All of our attorneys have bachelor degrees in either science or engineering. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly and efficiently understand the technical aspects of an invention, and on being able to explain such technical aspects in a patent application that can be understood by a judge or jury.

Our track record and diversity of clients illustrate that our team is at ease with complex subject matter in all technical fields; including computer hardware and software, advanced analog and digital electronics, mechanical and electromechanical systems, manufacturing equipment, chemical processing, semiconductor processing, integrated circuit design and fabrication, electronic commerce, telecommunications, medical devices, biotechnology, Internet-related technologies, and plant patenting, to name a few. Some of the more commonly sought disciplines are listed in the links below. To learn more about our attorneys that specialize in a particular discipline, please click on one of the links. If you unsure of which discipline matches your needs, please call us at (509) 624-4276, and we will find an attorney that can help you.